DNA polymerase kappa

Protein Family Details

  Property   Value
 Name DNA polymerase kappa
Family ID 1293_m
First Chain 1t94 (B)
  No of Chains 3
  No of Clusters 2
  No of Rep. Chains 2
  No of Dimensions 1
No of Domain Movements 1


Cluster ID Diameter (A) No of Chains Representative Members
1 0.0 1 1t94(B) 1t94(B) 
2 0.49 2 2oh2(B) 2oh2(A)  2oh2(B) 


Dimension ID Chain 1 Chain 2 Dyndom Run
1 (Vector: v1) 1t94 (B) 2oh2 (B) true

Associated Chains for 1-dimension

Chain ID Protein Name Sequence Length Resolution Cluster ID Projection
1t94 (B) polymerase (DNA directed) kappa 382 2.4 1 0
2oh2 (B) DNA polymerase kappa 440 3.05 2 1.0v1