Diamine acetyltransferase 1
Ligand-induced domain movement details

Jmol view of liganded conformation 1

Domain Movement

domain 1 is binding domain(fixed in space) domain 2 is binding domain(fixed in space)





 2b58(A) : FKIDKEYLLKaTE                                      
 2b3u(A) : FKIDKEYLLKaTE                                      


  Property   Value
 Conformer 1 2b58(A)
 Conformer 2 2b3u(A)
 Radius gyration for conformer 1 17.77 A
 Radius gyration for conformer 2 17.69 A
 EC Number  
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 Trigger ligands COA171
 Trigger ligands in which conformation Conformation  1
 Conformaton with trigger ligands is compact No
 Spanning ligands Yes
 Residues in enzyme contacting ligands ARG101  ARG142  ARG143  ASN133  GLU28  GLY102  GLY104  GLY106  ILE105  PHE103  PHE139  PHE94  PHE95  SER107  SER136  TYR27  VAL96 
 Residues in extended bending regions contacting ligands PHE94  PHE95 
 Residues in extended bending regions making H-bonds or salt-bridges with ligands PHE94 
  Residues in extended bending regions with an H-bond between its main chain and ligands PHE94 
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